Our Vision
The mighty ruler of the entire world, our Lord Jesus had clearly revealed his ultimate purpose behind the formation of Shekinah Ministries – to bring the Glorious presence of our Lord to the world. (Is 64:1) Also, he made it clear that to attain this goal; he needs an army dedicated For Jesus ... Only for Jesus. All our activities and services are based on the will of our Lord. Apart from these, our Lord guides us every day and every moment by revealing his will to listen to which is the greatest joy for us, to fulfil the same is the aim of our life.
In the Old Testament, we see that the visible and glorious presence of our Lord happened to be in the midst of his chosen people. Ex 25:8, Today the word of God affirms that this presence indwells within us.(Eucharist) Jn 1:14 But, we aim at making this glorious presence visible. For this, the lives of the people must be prepared. They must make themselves pure before the Lord. Here comes the necessity of Evangelisation. Ez 38:23 “So I will display my greatness and holiness and make myself known in the eyes of many nations. Then they shall know that I am the Lord”. (Holiness – character of Jesus & Glory – power of Jesus)
For Jesus....Only for Jesus
To attain the above said goal, what we need the most is a group of people who are wholly devoted for Jesus & only to him. The main Motto of our ministry is the same. If a person dedicates himself completely to God, then God can use him as one of his mighty instruments. One of our main vision (Dan 11:32) behind all our service is to prepare an army who are dedicated only to the Lord- the Lord’s Army” 2 Tim 2:21 (Holy vessels of God).
Second – Pentecost
Our Lord has promised us that before he comes to collect his faithful, he will send a second Pentecostal experience all over the world. (Is 59:19) The occurrence of this mighty revival will result in a great harvest for his Kingdom. We are praying to be worthy in this revival experience, the type of which had never occurred before – even at the time of the apostles. Joel 2:29
Our Lord’s second coming.
1 Pet. 1:13 reminds that we are near to what can be called as the hope of every Christian believer of all times. Today, each and every one who has already tasted the Mercy of our Lord must make others aware of what he has done for them and also of what awaits them. We take this mission from our Lord very seriously. At the same time, they are required to keep their lives pure, for, at any moment he can be expected. 2 Jn 3:3

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